(Computer programmer, originally published on my own site, and subsequently Desert Island Discs and Crashed fanzines, 1999

This is an interview and feature I conducted in 1999. My very first website (now offline) was about Sinclair Spectrum emulation, and I was researching some pages on the mysterious "missing" Spectrum programmer Matthew Smith. Smith was a famous programmer in the early 80s, who at the tender age of sixteen coded the groundbreaking games Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. After a certain period of time nothing was heard from him for years, and there was much speculation about his whereabouts and unfinished projects.

It was while I was researching the feature a friend of his emailed me to tell me Smith was back in the UK and had his first Internet account, and passed on his email address. It was a very big story among the retrogaming community, and unfortunately I was inexperienced and didn't get the full potential out of it. It was pretty good going, though, and was also published in Spectrum fanzines Desert Island Discs and Crashed.

The Matthew Smith interview

The Matthew Smith feature

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